It's vacation time and Washingtonians are about to headevery which way. At least three times a day they will eat, but where? Some will undoubtedly stop at Hojo's. Others will drop meagabucks in America's most famous restaurants. Many won't do either. They'll just drop into little out-of-the-way places and take potluck.

That's how, when traveling through, say, Rockaway, Ore., they'll discover such delights as roadside fish and chips at Karla's Krabs, accompanied by the incomparable garlic bread and bouillabaisse of Karla Steinhauser herself.

Yes, time may be of the essence on the road, but worse than a wrong turn off the interstate would be to miss the homemade fruit dumplings at Crane Orchards and Pie Pantry while zooming across southwestern Michigan.

However, now that you know about Lue and Bob Crane, you have only yourself to blame if, instead of savoring a slice of tart Red Ida apple pie after a homemade meal in their remodeled barn, you shave travel time when near Fennville by stopping at a franchised plastic palace for fries and a burger not unlike any of a billion other burgers.

So, this summer, take time to stop at Karla's, or the Cranes', or any of the following memorable favorites of Post writers and editors. Of course, there are others; thousands, in fact.