The world of the soda jerk has a language all its own. This lexicon is taken primarily from Paul Dickson's delightful "Great American Ice Cream Book" (Atheneum, 1973). An article titled "Linguistic Concoctions of the Soda Jerker" published by a Columbia University professor in 1936 provided Dickson with much of the valuable material:

Black and White: chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream.

Break It and Shake It: put eggs in a drink.

Brown Cow: chocolate root beer float.

Bucket of Hail: small glass of ice.

Burn: malted milkshake, chocolate unless otherwise specified.

Burn It and Let It Swim: float.

Burn One All the Way: chocolate malted with chocolate ice cream.

Fifty-Five: root beer (referring to the number on the syrup pump).

Forty-One: lemonade.

Hoboken Special: pineapple soda with chocolate ice cream.

Hold the Hail: no ice.

In the Hay: strawberry milkshake.

Make It Virtue: cherry Coke.

One In All the Way: chocolate soda with chocolate ice cream.

One on the City: water.

One on the Country: buttermilk.

Shake One: milkshake, chocolate unless otherwise specified.

Square Meal: chocolate egg cream.

Stretch One: large Coke.

Twist It, Choke It and Make It Cackle: chocolate malted with egg.

White Cow: vanilla milkshake.