The 10 most popular brews at the Great American Beer Festival:

1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager: Boston, incorporated July 1984, first brew in August.

2. Hibernia Dunkel Weizen Fest Beer: Eau Claire, Wis., new brewery bought by Michael Healy, first all-malt lager to be on market this month.

3. Snake River Amber Lager: Caldwell, Idaho, brewery opened February 1984, after earthquake and fire almost shut down brewery before production.

4. New Amsterdam Amber Beer: Utica, N.Y., one of first "micros," moving to New York City in summer.

5. White Tail Lager: Little Rock, Ark., has 10 percent Arkansas rice to add crispness.

6. Grant's Imperial Stout: Yakima, Wash., considered strongest draft beer available in North America.

7. Newman's Albany Amber Ale: Albany, N.Y., soon to be bottled and shipped in Northeast.

8. (tie) Chesbay Amber: Virginia Beach, Va., Munich-style lager, sold from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, including D.C.

8. (tie) Thomas Kemper Lager: Bainbridge Island, Wash., opened January 1985, Munich-style lager.

10. Redhook Ale: Seattle, brewery opened July 1982, Belgian-style ale.

James Koch, 35, Harvard-educated lawyer and former management consultant, says his Samuel Adams lager recipe comes from his great-great-grandfather Lewis Koch, who had a commercial brewery in St. Louis in the 1860s.

The Boston Beer Co. was incorporated in July 1984, with the first beer going on sale in April.

Koch said at the Denver convention that he planned to make a special shipment of Samuel Adams Boston Lager to the D.C. area this summer. Some microbrews are available at select liquor stores and restaurants around Washington.