If you really don't have time to make your own stock, there is a way out.

Some Giant Food stores sell veal and chicken stock made in their own kitchens. The Giant Gourmet at 1448 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, always has both varieties. Look for stocks in the prepared food section. They're sold in both pint and quart sizes, and cost $1.50 and $2.75 respectively.

Any Giant store with its own kitchen makes stock, but you should call ahead to make sure it has some at that time. It's always available at the McLean store.

The quality of that made at the Giant Gourmet in McLean is somewhat uneven but generally very high. These stocks are unsalted (the way they should be) and made only with meaty bones and flavoring vegetables. Don't expect them to taste like a finished sauce.

There is another option, too, which is brand new on the market and very promising. Jamie Nicoll, who raises veal calves at his Summerfield Farm in Boyce, Va., used to make glace de veau (veal stock reduced to the point that most of the moisture content is gone) to give away to his customers when they bought large quantities of veal. They liked it so much he's decided to market it in "gourmet" supermarkets around Washington.

Glace de veau can be used to add instant flavor to sauces or soups, or it can be reconstituted to make veal stock. So far Nicoll's product, which is made solely with veal bones and water, is sold in Neam's in Georgetown, Larimer's on Connecticut Avenue NW, Columbia Plaza Gourmet on 25th Street NW, and Summit Centre Gourmet in Alexandria, with wider distribution promised. It is kept in freezer cases, mainly because Nicoll worries that supermarket personnel may not know how to handle it. It comes packaged in two 4-ounce cups and sells for $8. The price may seem exhorbitant, but 8 ounces of glace de veau goes a long way.