To serve a rijsttafel buffet-style, think of the menu as being divided into two parts, one part revolving around the white rice and the other around the fragrant yellow rice.

Place a very large round or oval platter lined with pretty, fresh greens in the center of the buffet table. In the middle of the platter, build a tall cone of fragrant rice, leaving plenty of room around the edges.

On opposite sides of the cone arrange neat stacks of the two sate's (Sweet and Spicy Pork and Spicy Prawn). In small bowls next to the sate's put some of their respective dipping sauce, Peanut Sauce for the pork and its own basting sauce for the prawns.

On one of the two remaining sides of the cone make an attractive pile of the Beef and Coconut Fritters and opposite that a mound of the Sumatran Egg and Potato Salad. Near the fritters place a bowl of Sweet and Hot Pineapple Sambal. Garnish the cone fancifully with the quartered, colored eggs, cucumber slices, lemon and lime wedges, tomato slices or wedges and a fresh flower or two, and top it with a handsome chili cap.

Next, near each end of the table, place a medium-size bowl of white rice. Beside one of these put the Chicken with Coconut Milk and Spices, the Spicy Balanese Baked Fish, a small dish of Lime and Cucumber Sambal and a basket of the Prawn Chips with a cup of Peanut Sauce in which to dip them. Next to the bowl of white rice at the other end of the table place the Java Lamb Curry, the Vegetables in Coconut Gravy, and a portion each of the Lime and Cucumber Sambal, Prawn Chips and Peanut Sauce. Garnish the various dishes with sprigs of cilantro, or watercress, bright flowers or wedges of lemon or lime.

Consider placing cards by each dish to guide the guests through the complexities of the rijstaffel.

Good Asian beer or hot or iced tea are the best beverages with spicy Indonesian food, as wine doesn't stand up well to the assertive flavors of a rijsttafel. If you must serve wine, have it before, perhaps with a few prawn chips.

As for dessert, the best choice is a bowl of fresh fruit or perhaps a light fruity sorbet. Anything else would be just too much.