The Vista Hotel Bake Shop, under the inspiration of pastry chef Eileen Carlson, is offering a spread of holiday sweets for sale, ranging from some very affordable chocolate lollipops and hot cross buns (45 and 50 cents respectively) to panorama Easter eggs, egg cakes (in chocolate/raspberry and white chocolate mousse flavors), and hand-molded eggs of chocolate filled with the hotel's housemade candies and Jelly Bellies (from $10.75 to $27.50). The latter, notes a release, can be personalized "while you wait." Shop hours are Monday through Friday, 8 to 6 p.m. Dedicated to Healthier Eating

The Fairfax Nutrition Committee is taking seriously its annual National Nutrition Month program, to be held Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Fairfax County Department of Extension and Continuing Education.

Three free seminars on the development and maintenance of healthful eating habits will be punctuated not with coffee breaks, but with exercise breaks and nutritious snacks courtesy of Safeway and Giant stores. If that's not enough of an inducement, local merchants are donating a number of door prizes. For more information, contact the home economics department at the Fairfax County Extension office, 691-3433. Will Ethiopian Chips Catch On?

The same week that we received word of Meskerem restaurant's first year anniversary celebration -- its arrival last year brought to 15 the total of Ethiopian eateries in Washington -- we had a chance to sample the customary Ethiopian bread, injera, in dehydrated chip form. Made by Aenjera International Associates in Alexandria, which refers to the product as derkosh, the chips are touted as nutritious, low-fat, high-protein snacks, well-suited to dips. Our conclusion? Suffice it to say that the earthy, slightly sour-tasting barley-flavored nibbles are no competition for a bag of potato chips.