Area dietitians make the following suggestions for lowfat/low cholesterol foods to feed children:

Snacks -- Ann Litt suggests popcorn, pretzels, fruit bars, Fudgesicles, Creamsicles, Popsicles, cereal with skim milk, fruit juice, animal crackers, graham crackers, sherbet or sorbet and fresh fruits and vegetables.

School lunches -- turkey or chicken sandwiches, tuna packed in water and mixed with a little lowfat mayonnaise, lowfat yogurt or cottage cheese mixed with fruit, hard-cooked egg whites, a slice of Lite-Line or Weight Watchers pasteurized processed cheese, aseptically-packaged fruit juices.

Fast-food restaurants -- try sub shops instead, where you can often get turkey or tuna. For an occassional fast-food treat, either try a plain hamburger, without the cheese or special sauce, or a small roast beef sandwich. Both have less fat than a fish filet or an order of Chicken McNuggets, which are fried in saturated fats. And of course, there are always salad bars with lowfat dressings.

Some of the foods that are high in saturated fat include:

Fatty cuts of beef, whole and 2 percent milk, most cheeses, hot dogs, lunch meats, doughnuts, cake, chocolate, pork chops, ham, sausage, bacon, butter, ice cream, fried potatoes.

Foods low in saturated fat:

Fruit, vegetables, turkey breast (roasted, baked, broiled and without skin), chicken breast (baked, broiled, without skin), fish (broiled, baked or poached), skim milk, cocoa, lowfat yogurt, 1 percent cottage cheese, safflower, corn and olive oil, margarines made with polyunsaturated oils, dried peas and beans, pasta without cheese or meat, rice, popcorn (air-popped without butter) and whole grain breads.