In this modern go, go world,it's nice to see that some traditions never change. Thanksgiving, for instance. It's a time for turkey, gravy, creamed onions and pumpkin pie. Values, however, do change -- as in, can I spare the time to cook that bird? To say nothing of the onions and pies.

Well, there's somebody who can, for a price, and if it's worth it to you, all you have to do is drive over, pick it up and bring it home, ready to eat. In fact, there are even those who will deliver, again for a price.

Following is a listing, though not a rating, of some places -- markets, takeouts, caterers, restaurants -- we have found that will cook the whole dinner, for one or the whole party, or just cook the turkey, or only the side dishes and desserts. Most require that you call in advance, but that's a small price to pay.

Speaking of prices, just as there's great variety in what you can get, there's a wide range in what you will pay. Safeway, for instance, sells a 10-pound turkey with fixings for $27.99, Larimer's a 10- to 12-pounder for $75. Similarly, you can get a turkey dinner replete with all the trimmings for as little as $4.75 per person at Bob's Big Boy. Or, Luck's in Rockville will cater a complete dinner for $27.50 per person, minimum order 10 people. Delivery is free.

To make this holiday safer, and tastier, a few suggestions are in order: Keep in mind that any poultry dressing should be removed from the bird if it is not to be eaten immediately. And to best enjoy cooked turkey that has been picked up or delivered the day before Thanksgiving, one should debone the meat before rewarming it.