Nursing a little holiday hangover this morning? Suzanne Stichman isn't -- and as a result, our annual fund-raising drive on behalf of Children's Hospital is $30 better off.

Suzanne grew up in Northwest Washington and is a freshman at Dartmouth College. I'm not trying to start a war, but she must be one of the few college students in captivity who doesn't drink.

If she did, Suzanne figures she would have spent an "absolute minimum" of $30 on alcohol during her first semester. So she sent what she hasn't glugged to help out sick kids instead.

Suzanne says she was "fortunate enough not to need" Children's while she was growing up. But she says she wants "to be sure they're still around for my kids if, God forbid, they should ever need them."

Thanks to a freshman who thinks (and acts) better than a lot of seniors (in both senses of the term). Any fellow teetotalers out there who would care to copy the wisdom of Suzanne's ways?

Even grinches can produce bucks for Children's. Our chief witness for that assertion: Dara Orkand Caro, of Silver Spring.

On Dec. 13, Dara was getting into her car when she noticed that she had become a burglary victim. Someone had smashed a window and stolen her radio and radar detector. "Needless to say," she writes, "my Christmas spirit went in the dumper."

But it came back with a vengeance once Dara collected herself.

"I realized that just because someone ruined my Christmas, it wasn't right to make the children suffer," she writes. So she sent me a check for $25.

You might say that, sometimes, in certain ways, crime pays. Thanks to Dara for seeing to it that the pay went to the neediest bunch of kids I know.

The following contribution speaks for itself:

"My husband is currently serving on the USNS Comfort in the Persian Gulf," writes Grace T. Lane of California, Md., "and I am about to give birth (any day now!) to our first child.

"This is the saddest and happiest thing to happen to us. Here is $10 for the hospital drive. Let's hope all babies like mine, missing their Dads, will at least have their health."

If a woman like Grace can find it in her heart and pocketbook to make a donation, can the rest of us do less?


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.

Many thanks to these group contributors, who have recently made donations to our campaign:

Service Club, Benjamin Banneker Middle School, Burtonsville ($50).

Shane Fagessin (I Forget) Bridge Club ($232).

Clover Development Associates, McLean ($500).

Mary Ellen Stanton's reading classes, Middleton Valley Academy, Camp Springs ($30).

Budget and Program Offices, National Institute of Standards and Technologies ($56).

The Wednesday Night 500 Club ($135).

Office of Budget/Comptroller, General Services Administration ($270).

Members, Tuesday Morning Circle, Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church ($30).

Defense Printing Service, The Pentagon ($415).

Kensington Bridge Club ($76.50).

Diane Bartkow's and Mary Connolly's Wednesday Bridge Group ($40).

Staff, Wang Laboratories Inc., Customer Education Center, Rosslyn ($185 instead of exchanging cards and gifts).

The Third Pew Ladies, Christ Lutheran Church, Bethesda ($175).

School/Community Relations Department, Arlington County Schools ($55).

Rubin-Foer-Bigman-Jaffe-Tebeleff Hanukah celebration ($150).

Members, Property Accounting Department, Marriott Corp.($75).

Dackle Brothers Inc., Columbia ($250 in honor of the Forest Lake Apartments staff and Stancill Management Inc.).

Angel Remodeling Inc., Arlington ($100).

Law Offices of John S. Stoppelman, Arlington ($1,000 in the names of clients and friends, and in memory of Ian Campbell).

Corporate Governmental Affairs Office, Sears, Roebuck and Co. ($80).

Ye Olde POOPS ($181).

Temple Israel, Silver Spring ($90 in memory of Karl Cole).

The Annandale Admirals ($10).

Aurora Hills Senior Adult Bridge Club ($100).

Friendship Lodge No. 12, Independent Order of Odd Fellows ($250).

Staff, Strategic Planning and Policy Office, Department of Veterans Affairs ($270 that normally would have been spent on a Christmas party).

Staff, Parkways offices, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission ($124.50 in memory of Chris Ruigomez).

Promotion Branch, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps ($271).

Erickson and Co. Inc., Southeast Washington ($125).

MCI Mail employees ($430, with special thanks to Susie Stulz).

The Water Sprites from the FCPA Oakmarr water aerobics classes ($15 from the luncheon fund).

Office of Family Assistance, FSA, Department of Health and Human Services ($251.31).

Metropolitan Washington Mensa ($255).

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Real Estate Directorate Programs Division Coffee Fund ($50).

The Alternate Rider Fund ($64 in honor of Janie DiSalvo, with thanks to non-alternate car-poolers Pat Madison, Sharon Mills, Pam Noell and Jeannie Uresti).

Chelsea III Inc. ($41 in memory of Elvin J. Willcock Jr.).