Boys like toys. Cooks like toys. Put the two together and you have plenty of Father's Day gifts to choose from. He may already have a bread machine. The grill of his dreams requires a short-term loan. But there are plenty of other possibilities. With only four more days to shop, here are some suggestions:

CAPTION: Above: Dad and friends can crack crabs with this Seafood Tool Set ($12.95)--two weighty claw crackers and six slender forks for digging out the last morsel of sweet meat. At Crate & Barrel stores.

CAPTION: Left: No more guessing for Pop with the Chef's Fork With Thermometer ($25)--a battery- operated, full-sized barbecue fork with stainless-steel tines that act as a temperature probe. This one is from Brookstone; similar forks are available in the houseware departments of many stores.

CAPTION: Left: Let your favorite father chop in style with a knife by Global. The knives, made in Japan, hold a wonderfully sharp edge and are perfectly balanced. They are also cool looking. We especially like the 7-inch Oriental Cook knife ($69.95 and up) and the hip 5.5-inch Cheese knife ($46.95 and up). At Dean & DeLuca, 3276 M St. NW, call 202-342-2500. PCD Professional Cutlery Direct, call 1-800-859-6994.

CAPTION: Above: Does he love all foods smoked? Here's just the thing--a Stovetop Smoker Cooker ($59.50). The stainless-steel pan with sliding lid is designed for stovetop and campfire use. It comes with four sample containers of wood chips to get him started. At La Cuisine, 323 Cameron St., Alexandria, call 703-836-4435.

CAPTION: Left: He's crazy for quesadillas. Then how about this Grillman Barbecue Grill Weight ($21.95)? It also perfect for weighting down a butterflied chicken or any item that just won't lie flat on the grill. At Crate & Barrel stores.

CAPTION: LIGHT HIS FIRE with GasMatch3 ($30 and up), a long-handled lighter to start the coals, camp fires, or that pesky pilot light on the furnace. Great for windy days. Available at: The Fireplace Center, 16165 Shady Grove Rd., Gaithersburg (301-990-6195); La Cuisine, 323 Cameron St, Alexandria (703-836-4435); and many barbecue and fireplace stores.