Whether your travels take you to a back-country campsite in Shenandoah National Park for a weekend adventure or underground into one of the more than 3,400 caves in Maryland and Virginia for safety from Y2K fears, it's reassuring to be equipped with the latest gear for the camp kitchen, available at most camping equipment stores.


APPALACHIAN OUTFITTERS, 2938 Chain Bridge Rd., Oakton, call 703-281-4324.

EASTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS, stores in Fairfax, Tysons Corner, Gaithersburg and Annapolis.

HUDSON TRAIL OUTFITTERS, stores in Fairfax, Springfield, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Annapolis, Columbia and Tenleytown NW.

GALYAN'S, 12501 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, call 703-803-0300 and 2 Grand Corner Ave., Gaithersburg, call 301-947-0200.

REI-RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT INC., 9801 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, call 301-982-9681 and 3509 Carlin Springs Rd., Bailey's Crossroads, call 703-379-9400.

CAPTION: Wine drinkers will appreciate the lightweight, two-part, Lexan resin, 10-ounce wine glass ($5.95 each) made by GSI Outdoors. The base snaps into the the bowl.

CAPTION: The green Coleman stove in a metal carrying case has been around forever. Here's an updated model--the lightweight, aluminum, compact and foldable two-burner Max Xpedition by Coleman ($85). It's powered by a recyclable fuel cartridge ($3.65).

CAPTION: Voyageur made by Pur is a lightweight water purifier that meets EPA microbiological standards ($75). Output: 1 liter per minute.

CAPTION: Squeeze Tubes (2 for $2.25), made by Coghlan's Camping Accessories, are perfect for transporting peanut butter and jelly or condiments.

CAPTION: Tough, high-sided Lexan resin camp plates ($4 each), made by GSI Outdoors, are perfect for hearty meals around the outdoor fire.

CAPTION: Brownies anyone? Bake them in the temperature-controlled Outback Oven, which comes with a "convection dome" ($39.99).