You can spend hours clicking around the Web for an appropriate food gift, but if it's an of-the-month club you're after, here's a little help. Chocolate, fruit, cheese and even herbs are available by the month, at prices that range from sensible to sensational. But you can't beat the ease of ordering--or the impression they'll make on the recipient.

Proprietors Dana and Kelly Romero have made it awfully easy to order a monthly food gift online. Their site, which was launched in 1998, lists everything from a monthly shipment of herbs ($59.95 per year, including shipping and handling) to 12 batches of cookies ($36 per month, including shipping and handling). Other foodstuffs available include candy, caviar, cheesecake, cheese, chocolate, coffee, hot sauce, jam and pasta, with monthly newsletters e-mailed to recipients in most categories. Phone: 1-800-836-4048;

It's easy to find your way around this site, and to home in on the two monthly clubs available: imported cheese ($16.95 per month, including shipping and handling) and tea ($7.95 per month, including shipping and handling). This month's featured cheese is a Caciotta Dei Boschi from Italy, and weighs in at between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds; the tea is a Pickwick cinnamon from Holland. One odd note: All the teas of the month come by the bag only, which is not something a true tea purist is likely to want. Phone: 1-877-iGourmet;

In addition to lots of foodstuffs, features a cookware section, a calender of food and wine events and a section devoted to recipes. For monthly clubs, the selection is limited to chocolates, all selected by West Coast chocolate guru Alice Medrich. There are three to choose from: The Chocolate Lover's Club ($29.99 plus shipping and handling), the Couverture Club ($24.99 plus shipping and handling) and the Premier Chocolate Club ($49.99 plus shipping and handling). Tasting notes, recipes and educational materials accompany each 1- to 2-pound shipment. Phone: 1-800-913-9247;

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Talk about niche marketing! Single groves or regions are spotlighted here, with selections from all over Europe. But boy, does this get pricey. It doesn't matter whether you choose a three-month membership (three half-liter bottles), a six-month membership (six bottles) or a 12-month membership (12 bottles), you pay $16.95 plus $5.45 shipping and handling per bottle. That adds up to $67.20 for three months, $134.40 for six months and a whopping $268.80 for 12 months. Phone: 1-800-665-2975;

Maine Potato Sampler

It takes a secure person to send someone else a 10-pound box of potatoes each month, but these organic selections from Wood Prairie Farm sound exotic enough to make a real impression. Swedish Peanut, Rose Finn Apple and Russian Banana are just three of the 15 varieties dispatched during the eight-month-long Potato Shipping Year (September through April). Prices, which include shipping, range from $29.75 for a single month to $279 for eight months. Proprietors Jim and Megan Gerritsen are still working on taking orders via their Web site; in the meantime, orders can be placed by phone, e-mail or regular mail. Phone: 1-800-829-9765;

Pasta/Salsa of the Month

You get more than just pasta (or salsa) with Pasta Concerto's monthly programs. The Pasta Club, available in a variety of monthly packages, includes three packages of gourmet pasta, two sauces, recipe ideas and a newsletter; it costs $28.99 per month (including shipping and handling). The Salsa Club ($22.95 per month, up to four months) includes three of Pasta Concerto's salsas, marinades, chili mixes and/or steak sauces. Phone: 1-888-681-2311;

Natural Gourmet Steak Shop

You'll get everything from strip steaks to rib eyes with this monthly plan--perfect for all those Dr. Atkins followers out there. Subscriptions available in three-, six-, nine- and 12-month packages, with prices (including shipping and handling) ranging from $67 to $58 per month. Phone: 719-548-1735;

Harry and David The first names that would come to mind for most of us when the subject is monthly food deliveries. Fruit is still their specialty, with close to a dozen different monthly club plans. The original 12-box Fruit of the Month Club, which has been around since 1936, costs $279.95 (not including shipping and handling). Phone: 1-800-547-3033;