Some of us are novices and forget to remove the giblets from the bird. Others of us are more experienced, yet still flustered by a slow-thawing bird and the imminent arrival of 12 guests. And a small number of us simply lose our wits entirely when it comes to roasting a whole turkey.

"The most memorable call that I received was from a person who asked 'Does a turkey have one leg that's white meat and another that's dark meat?' " recalls Carol Miller, a supervisor at the Butterball hot line. "But," she adds kindly, "all of us have been there at one point in time."

If you fit any of these categories, help is but a phone call or click away:


Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

1-800-323-4848 or

U.S. Department of Agriculture Meat and Poultry Hotline


Reynolds Wrap Kitchens Turkey Information Line

1-800-745-4000 or

Land O'Lakes Holiday Bake-Line

1-800-782-9606 or

Shady Brook Farms Dial-a-Chef Holiday Hot Line

1-888-723-4468 or

Honeysuckle White Turkey Line

1-800-810-6325 or

Campbell's Holiday Leftover Hot Line


Perdue's Thanksgiving Day Hot Line

1-800-473-7383 or


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