Toast, butter, champagne: We're taking these treasures that have passed the test of time into the next year, even the next millennium. But pesto, sprouts and kiwis? Some old acquaintances should be forgot.


Park-n-shop Point-n-click

Margarine Butter

Hot sake Cold sake

Waiting lists Bar food

Salad in a bag Mustard greens

Ladderback chairs Curved banquettes

Cybercafes Bistros

Baked potato chips Chex Mix

Bruschetta Toast

Flavored coffees Green tea

Tall food Small food

Shooters Champagne

Raspberry Vinegar Balsamic vinegar

Bread machines Ice-cream makers

Barbecued chicken pizza Rotisserie chicken

Monster muffins Krispy Creme doughnuts

Baby-cut carrots Carrots as God made them

Chicken fingers Chicken sate

Cheese platters Cheese carts

Sun-dried Oven-roasted

Sprouts Edamame

Double grande decaf latte Cup of coffee

All-u-can-eat salad bars Dim sum brunch

Pesto Hoisin

Brick cheese Chicken under a brick

Grilled tuna Dover sole

Liver and kidneys Cheeks and collars

Honey-roasted Lemon-infused

Egg beaters Caviar

Macho propane gas grills Grill pans

Merlot Syrah/Shiraz

Popcorn poppers Heavy-duty blenders

Celebrity chefs Julia Child

Electric pasta machines Crockpots

Garlic press Lemon zester

"Cooking for Dummies" "Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home"

Croissant sandwiches Egg McMuffins

Kiwis Asian pears

Brie en croute Parmigiano-Reggiano

Squid ink Coconut milk

Salt shakers Salt cellars

Cosmopolitans Mojitos

Ancient grains Arborio

Beef jerky Serrano ham

Smoothie and a wrap Beer and a burger

"Bam!" "Bon appetit!"