According to Douglas Oliver, ranger for the Gauley Ranger District of the Monongahela National Forest, there are no restrictions against harvesting ramps from the national forest for personal use. In wilderness areas, such as the Cranberry Wilderness, one is allowed to harvest ramps for use while camping only and not allowed to take them out of the area. No permits are required. Rangers encourage visitors to be prudent and unselfish, however, collecting ramps in small batches and for personal use only.

Ramps Festivals

Plan now for your foraging but wait a month before you pack the car. There are many ramp festivals in West Virginia, most of them taking place in the third or fourth week of April. But the severe winter may affect the timing, so as the season nears, visit the West Virginia Tourism page ( for specifics. When you reach the home page, click on "Calendar of Events," then "Search for events." Type "ramps" in the keyword space.

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