When I go out for fried chicken I go to the Golden Skillet in Forestville, Md. To me, it's hands down the best chicken I've eaten anywhere (fried in peanut oil). [It's] a small takeout restaurant that seats maybe 15 people and has a drive-through.

Andre Thomas


I loved your article on finding the perfect fried chicken. I read the Southern Living [magazine] article and put Horace & Dickie's [in Northeast Washington] on my list of places to try.

You asked for your readers' votes and here are mine: the absolute best fried chicken I've ever eaten was at Tammy & Johnny's in Melfa, Va. (I know it's mentioned in your article, but it didn't get anywhere near the recognition it deserves.) I've been going there for more than 20 years now, usually during duck hunting season in the winter and never had a bad meal. The crust isn't a true Virginia parchment but does have some thickness and the seasoning is delicious. The meat is always moist and perfectly cooked. Get an order of clam strips as an appetizer; they're about as different from the old Howard Johnson's as the ones at Kinkead's. The other thing about T&J's is that it really is the Old Shore; the crowd at the counter and in the dining room is about as racially diverse as you can imagine. It's what Washington ought to be.

If T&J's is the Old Shore then my second favorite is what the New Shore is becoming; Holly's Restaurant in Grasonville, Md., just east of the Kent Narrows Bridge on Route 50. I've been stopping there for longer -- during hunting season and with the family going to and from the beach (Bethany). The Chicken Special really is special -- a thicker crust than T&J's that is always hot and crispy, never greasy and, again, I don't ever remember the meat not being perfectly cooked. Add some green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, maybe a little coleslaw in the summer, and you're in heaven. You certainly won't walk away hungry and at $8.50 it's the best value on the overpriced Delaware and Maryland shore. (Thanks to the Nature Conservancy and geography, Virginia's Shore is still reasonable for most things.)

Thank you very much for the article; now how about one on crab houses and bar-b-que shacks?

David Richardson


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