INDIA ON HIS MIND: Businessman Rajan Nagpal says he's been looking for the right location for his pet project for a long time, and now he's found it. Delhi Club (1135 N. Highland St., Arlington; 703-527-5666), which the local computer company owner named after the city he grew up in, sits within a samosa's toss of the Clarendon Metro station in Arlington, a spot Nagpal describes as "the happening place right now." His freshly minted dining room -- simply but stylishly decorated with scarves of silk and other materials on alternating red and white walls -- certainly adds to the energy of its neighborhood. A dinner visit during the restaurant's maiden week revealed better appetizers (light spinach fritters, zesty chicken wings, spice-fragrant crab cakes) than entrees (both the butter chicken and fish curry tasted too sweet), though the service couldn't have been more gracious. Dehli Club, which plans to add a Sunday buffet, is Nagpal's third food-related business in the area. He also owns the nearby Hot Shotz coffee house and eight months ago acquired Il Radicchio. Lunch entrees $5.50-$7.95, dinner entrees $7.50-18.50.

OH, TO BE A WAITER AGAIN!: One of the problems some restaurant workers face is where to eat on their free nights, which typically fall on Sunday and Monday -- the same nights many upscale restaurants tend to be closed. Taking note of the situation, Restaurant Eve (110 S. Pitt St., Alexandria; 703-706-0450) plans to open its two dining rooms to the trade on Monday evenings. Co-owner Meshelle Armstrong has dubbed the deal -- which includes a 15 percent discount on food -- "Eve's Industry Night." Here's how it works: Anyone in the restaurant community is welcome to make a reservation in either the restaurant's bistro or more formal, 34-seat tasting room. Guests simply will be asked to let Eve know where they work and bring a business card from the establishment when they come for dinner. Armstrong wishes she could include wine and cocktails in the discount, "but Virginia law forbids us from giving away alcohol for any reason." Industry Night commences Monday, Aug. 16 -- chef Cathal Armstrong's 35th birthday, as it turns out

-- Tom Sietsema

The staff of Restaurant Eve.