DISH: Domata Me Kopanisti (Blue Cheese and Tomato Spread)

WINES: Gaia (Peloponnese) "Notios" 2003 ($16) and Costa Lazaridis (Macedonia) "Amethystos" 2002 ($20) were both excellent with dish, harmonizing beautifully with its flavors while also matching its texture.

DISH: Tzatziki Me Maratho

(Yogurt, Garlic, Cucumber

and Fennel Dip)

WINES: The 2003 Santorini from Gavala Vineyards was wonderfully harmonious with this dish. Other successes were the 2003 Malagousia from Gerovassiliou (Epanomi) ($21) and the Kir-Yianni (Amyndeon) "Akakies" 2003 ($11) . With the single exception of Skouras (Peloponnese) "Mediterranean Red" 2003 ($8), we did find that the food's flavors were obscured by the red wines, though this wouldn't be a problem if the Tzatziki were served as an accompaniment to meat.

DISH: Garides Saganaki(Shrimp Baked in Tomato Sauce With Feta)

WINES: Kir-Yianni (Amyndeon) "Akakies" 2003 ($11), a dry rose, could handle the richness of the cheese without overriding the delicate flavors of the shrimp. The Strofilia (Anavissos) 2003 ($16.50) was the runner-up.

DISH: Domatosalata Horiatiki (Country Tomato Salad)

WINES: The acidity from the tomatoes and the vinegar worked best with three wines made from the Moschofilero grape: Skouras (Arcadia) 2003 ($15); Boutari (Mantinia) 2003 ($14), and Kotrotsos (Mantinia) "Erasmios" 2003 ($10). The Akakies Rose worked well, and the cheese in the salad can help balance the tannins in a light red such as Gaia (Peloponnese) "Notios" 2003 ($16) or Skouras (Peloponnese) "Mediterranean Red" 2003 ($8).

DISH: Melintzanosalata (Eggplant Caviar)

WINES: Whereas the Akakies Rose was nearly perfect with the Garides Saganaki, it was simply perfect with this in all respects: Weight, intensity, texture and flavor. Several red wines also worked well with this, most notably Skouras (Peloponnese) "Mediterranean Red" 2003 ($8) and Costa Lazaridis (Drama) Chateau Julia Merlot 2002 ($21).