Washington's backyard grills have been so busy in this late spring -- as we were graced with a string of cool, bug-free evenings -- that you might already have run through your basic round of recipes.

We know you're not necessarily looking for something sizzingly different. Hamburgers are still the No. 1 choice to make at home, with 93 percent of households reporting that they flipped burgers on their grills last year, whereas 86 percent had hot dogs and 76 percent cooked steak, according to the 16th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, a national poll conducted by Greenfield Online, of 1,000 respondents in households with grills.

Only 7 percent of us are grilling more ethnic foods, but within that small minority, we most often choose Mexican flavors (43 percent), followed by Asian (34 percent) and Caribbean (30 percent).

Overall, the survey has found that people are grilling more often each year, and more are doing so year-round. Seventy percent of Americans grill at least once a week, and 46 percent grill at least a few times a week.

So it's always good to add depth to your grilling repertoire, especially if you're among the 42 percent who invite their neighbors over for barbecues. Showing them a little range would be hospitable.

Since this is also the time of year when grilling cookbooks fill the front racks of bookstores, we've culled some easy, but beyond-burger recipes from the season's first batch.