TALK ABOUT MULTI-TASKING!: Tracy O'Grady and Brian Wolken plan to launch their new restaurant, Willow (4301 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington; 703-465-8800), on Sept. 2 -- the same day they intend to tie the knot there. O'Grady, the chef, and Wolken, the director of operations, decided to mingle the events as a convenience to friends and relatives who were going to be in town for the opening. "It would be hard to get everyone together again," O'Grady explains. The "very simple ceremony" will be conducted by a retired Lutheran minister, Gordon Forbes. He also blessed the French-Italian restaurant in June. "We wanted to start off on the right foot," says O'Grady; at least four restaurants, she notes, have come and gone on the site in 15 years. Since "we can't have 500 or 600 people at once," O'Grady says, guests are coming in three waves, beginning with the wedding at 5:30 p.m. (Note to eager diners: the entire event is invitation-only.) Amazingly, O'Grady, who cooked for a decade at Kinkead's in Washington, plans to make the hors d'oeuvres for the reception. "It's friends and family," she says. "If we make mistakes, they won't care. They might even help out." The one hitch to everything: "I just hope we pass all the inspections!" As for a honeymoon, maybe later -- the couple plan to be at their posts at Willow the very next night.

SAYING HER GOODBYES: The heart and soul of the four-year-old Majestic Cafe (911 King St., Alexandria; 703-837-9117) is leaving the restaurant, and the Washington area, next month. Susan McCreight Lindeborg recently announced that she and her husband, Richard Lindeborg, are returning to the place she grew up -- Las Vegas, N.M. -- "before we get too old to do the hiking." While the chef says she has no plans to open a restaurant out west, she hopes to "still be involved in food" there, perhaps in connection with a local university. Fans of her southern-style cooking shouldn't fret too much: Taking her place in the kitchen will be the current chef de cuisine, Joe Raffa, a graduate of L'Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg who worked under Lindeborg when she was the top toque at the Morrison-Clark Inn in Washington. Lindeborg plans to visit and to consult from afar. But first, the veteran chef has to tackle something foreign: "I have to learn to cook at home," she jokes.

Brian Wolken and Tracy O'Grady, set to open Willow in Arlington.