Last month -- inspired by the survival-kit backpack of Lucky Trimble, the title character in the Newbery Medal-winning book "The Higher Power of Lucky" -- KidsPost asked readers what they would put in their survival backpacks. Your answers were funny, inspiring, insightful, resourceful and brilliant -- just what we've come to expect from you. Here are some excerpts.

I would put my brother in my backpack. I would also include Mom and Dad. They are the family members. I love them. They are the most important things in my backpack. I would pack a microwave so I can heat up frozen food.

Joshua Chang, 9, Springfield

My survival backpack has a first-aid kit for emergencies. I would also carry a notepad, a pencil and a small sharpener to jot down notes. In case I get hungry, I would pack dried fruits and vegetables, water and a sandwich. Also, an extra set of clothes.

Jordan Alston, 8, Washington

I would pack my backpack with a picture of my friends making funny faces to remind me to laugh, a good book to find an adventure, a swimsuit (you never know where you might find a nice pool), but most importantly, a mini-cooler filled with Ben and Jerry's.

Anna Beecroft, 13, Richmond

In my backpack, I would put in a make-up kit because I always want to look my best. I would also bring food and a lot of water and a tent.

Juliet Eisemann, 8, Springfield

My backpack would include my lacrosse stick, a football and about 30 chapter books. I would also bring food.

Donal Mullane, 8, Washington

What I would bring in my survival backpack would be Band-Aids, a never-ending supply of beans, milk and cheese, a porta-potty (small), typewriter, 20 math journals, a wireless laptop, a dictionary, wood, pencil, my monkey stuffed animal, a pillow, a blanket, a satellite, a tent, 100,000 books, a baseball hat and a winter hat.

Atessa Farzami, 9, Washington

I would put in my GameCube, my PlayStation 2, my plasma screen TV, my dog, some dog food, food and water.

Reed Luttrell, 9, Springfield

I would put food, water, sheets, a lighter, my teddy bear, a pot and a pan, something to remind me of my home, a book, a first-aid kit, firewood, a plant book, yeast, money, a flashlight, an iPod and a favorite toy in my backpack.

Nicholas Suardiaz Boitel, 9, Washington

I would take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some cookies, a smoothie for a drink, my favorite book (Series of Unfortunate Events -- book 4), a flashlight, a blanket, my baseball bat, baseball, mitt and my favorite cap (with Alex Ovechkin's number 8 on it)!

Rohan Yaradi, 8, Fairfax

I would put in a compass, binoculars and some food and water. I would also bring my four identical stuffed animals and my mom, just in case we got lost.

Breese Sherman, 8, Springfield