Vice President Cheney Targeted in Attack

· A suicide bomber attacked the entrance to a U.S. military base in Afghanistan where Vice President Dick Cheney was visiting yesterday morning.

An American soldier was among the more than 20 people reportedly killed. Cheney said he heard "a loud boom" but was not hurt.

A spokesman for the Taliban, the militant religious group that controlled much of Afghanistan until 2001, said Cheney was the bomber's target. The blast occurred at the first of at least three checkpoints for visitors to the military base at Bagram.

There was violence in Iraq as well. Police said a car bomb near a park in the city of Ramadi killed at least 18 boys playing soccer.

A Weighty Situation · British social workers have decided not to remove an overweight 8-year-old from his home, even though his mother has refused to stop feeding him junk food.

Connor McCreaddie weighs about 200 pounds -- more than three times the average for a boy his age. He has had weight issues most of his life: At 5 he weighed more than 125 pounds.

Connor's mom says he steals and hides his food, making it hard for her to help him. Doctors say Connor's health is at risk if his appetite isn't curbed.

At a hearing yesterday, social workers decided not to take Connor from his mom. Instead, they'll keep working with the family on his diet.

A Pricey Collectible

· The most money that Hall of Famer Honus Wagner earned playing baseball was $10,000 a year. So imagine what he would think to hear that one of his baseball cards just sold for $2.35 million!

The 1909 card shows Wagner in the uniform of the Pittsburgh Pirates, for whom he played 18 of his 21 seasons. One of the first five players inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame, Wagner was a shortstop who batted over .300 for 15 straight years.

There are about 60 Wagner cards in existence. The one that fetched the record price of $2.35 million was once owned by hockey great Wayne Gretzky.

It sells for so much because it's in great condition, but even a tattered Wagner card will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, collectors say.