It has been said that this is going to be the coldest winter in half a century, but that has been said before and still we have had cherry blossoms instead of snow in February.I'd rather hedge my bets with an All Year Sled, which not only requires no snow, but works better as the temperature rises.

The All Year SLed won't be on the market officially until spring, but you can order a prototype now if you want to be the first on your block to slide down snowless hills. It may cost less once the discount stores get a hold of it, but that's the chance you take for being avant garde.

What you're buying is a two-piece plastic mold (eighteen inches by thirteen inches by four and a half inches) which fits in most freezers except for the side-by-side models. You fill it with water and let it freeze for twenty-four hours. Then you remove the bottom of the mold, and slide down hils on the thick block of ice which remains attached to the plastic seat. It has rope handles and a rope for pulling. Depending on the temperature outdoors, it lasts from two hours to forever without refreezing. And in summer it will keep you cool as you slither along.

All Year Sled. American Toy Industries, Lisbon, Md. 21765. $7.95 plus $2 handling. 301/442-2820.