Restaurants have no interests in frills when it comes to cooking equipment; what they need is sturdy, long-lasting equipment. L.N.Hill, being a restaurant supply company, provides just that. Their pots are thick aluminum, their cleavers hefty. They sell the largest pots and pans you could want, as well as the sma you could want, as well as the smallest. The other thing to know about a restaurant supply company is that their prices are often low for the quality. At L.N.Hill, a one-and-a-half quart aluminium saucepan was $6.45, a twenty-quart stock pot $22.50. Their weighty cleavers were $8. They have wooden spoons for fifty cents, sturdy rubber scrapers for $1, cake decorating sets for $3.60. Their thermometers were $3 to $10.50, their large conical strainers $17.50. And the whisks, heavy stainless steel fourteen-inch versions, were $4. If you are inclined to throw large parties or crockery, you can buy glassware and plates by the case, dinner-size plates from $21 a dozen, stemware at $18 for three dozen, tumblers $15 to $26 for six dozen. Lonex china, which they will order by the piece, is twenty-five per cent off list price. But never stop by L.N.Hill without asking if they have any closeouts; if you hit on a lucky day, some of their already-reasonable prices may be reduced by as much as half.

L.N.Hill, 5030 Boiling Brook Pkwy., Rockville Open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 700-4800.