While people look for pots of gold, Thom Klicka tries to divert them with rainbows. He paints rainbows; he pastes rainbows; he cuts rainbows. And he gives away rainbows - over 1.5 million so far. He calls his works pocket art, something for people to carry around! To support his habit, he also sells rainbows at minimal prices so he can keep giving things away. His poster - to hang as-is or to cut into 144 little rainbows to give everyone on the bus or in the movie line - costs $3. Or you can buy a box of baby rainbows (one-quarter-inch square) for $1, two dozen three-quarter-inch rainbows for $1.50 or three dozen one-and-three-quarter-inch rainbows for $2.50. His little rainbows can be enclosed with your letters, glued onto envelopes, slipped into pockets, pasted onto your bills. Or you can buy rainbows decoupaged onto pins, rings or tie tacks. Rainbow puzzles, rainbows in crystal heart pendants, rainbow prints. The Rainbow Man, as Klicka calls himself, is branching out - stationery is next.But that is a natural progression, since lately he has been answering 1100 letters a months, mostly from school children chasin