Tel-Med. Free brochure available at pharmacy departments of Peoples Drugstores or lobby of Greater Southeast Community Hospital, 1310 Southern Ave. S.E. For brochure call 574-6646. To hear tapes call 561-9500 .

Even if your doctor has a special telephone hour, he may not be receptive to your asking for a five-minute discussion of baldness or bee stings. And you may feel uncomfortable about asking simple questions on venereal disease or hemorrhoids. The Greater Southeast Community Hospital has prepared tape recordings, each three to five minutes long, discussing 162 medical concerns from "First Aid for Suspected Heart Attack" to Should I Keep My Child Home from School?" You simply pick up a brochure, which lists the available tapes and their numbers, at the hospital or any Peoples Drugstore. Then you call the library. At last count, over 1200 requests a day were coming in. You can learn about diseases and emergencies, home care, sexual problems, tobacco, drugs and nutrition. And if you don't know exactly what you want to know, you can ask to hear a tape called "I'm Just Tired, Doctor." Have you tried that one on your family physician at 9 p.m.?