Walter Washington: "I just remember how excited everybody was and that it was a day that brought people from all over the country. Nothing really went wrong, nobody lost the ring or anything like that, but I remember everybody was joking about the fact that the wedding must have some lasting power becuase there were three ministers! As I recall it, there must have been twenty or thirty in the wedding party, I lost count. There were some minor problems of who was in, who was out, but I didn't really have much to do with that, all the arrangements were handled by her family. I was glad - at that time - that I didn't have much family.

"Just about all the wedding party joined us in New York. There must have been fourteen, fifteen, sixteen people there, just a floating 'after-the-wedding' party. Quite a bit of excitement and the wedding festivities went on for days and days and days . . . We were happy to get home and get some rest."

Bennetta Washington: "I think perhaps the most beautiful thing was having our close friends come. Walter and I were in school together and all of us at Howard were such closed friends. The wedding was in my father's church and all the church members, neighbors, eveybody I had grown up with came. It was a beautiful candlelight ceremony at 7:30 in everying and 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Ave Maria' were sung by one of the outstanding voices at Howard . . . the president of the University was there and lots of the faculty.

"I was married by three people: my father and my uncle who was at that time dean of the chapel at Howard, as well as a great role model and mentor for my husband. Actually, my father performed the ceremony, my uncle and Mr. Thurman each read a prayer and Mr. Thurman wrote a poem for us.

"Then we had a huge reception at my house - 800 people were there - my friends, relatives, parents . . . I came up in a family of eight children, you see.

"We had been given an apartment in New York City by Flo and Erskine Hawkins for our honeymoon and I thought my friends were giving us ten days away. They all said they were going to gives us ten days. They gave us three days and then they descended on us. The apartment had three bedrooms and they all stayed right there in that apartment with us!"