Tip O'Neill: "On the wedding day, my best man (who was my brother Bill) and I got to the church well before the wedding which was to be at 9 o'clock in the morning. But by 9:20 Millie still hadn't arrived. We were looking out the windows and it looked like the monsignor was going to call it off . . . when finally they came. What happened was that they had all overslept - my bride and all the bridesmaids were staying at the same house. The reason they got there as soon as they did was that my sister happened to drop by about a quarter to nine to see how they were doing and the house was quiet. She thought they had left but called out anyway and woke them up. I was already at the church when my wife was putting on her wedding gown!

"We left the reception around two in the afternoon and drove to New York and stayed at the Taft Hotel. Vincent Lopez was there and I remember I gave him a dollar to play 'I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time.' It's my wife's favorite song and I bet I've sung it a thousand times since that day.

"The following night we had tickets to the Joe Lousi-Billy Kahn fight. She swears I picked that night to be in New York just for the fight. The next day we drove down to Atlantic City.

"The truth is, after all these years, we get along better as each day progresses . . ."

Millie O'Neill: "I remember that my honeymoon started out with the Louis-Kahn fight. My husband is a sports fan from way back, he loves spectator sports. When we were going to be married, he insisted on going to New York the first night - I have always been quite sure he picked that date because of the Louis-Kahn fight. Actually it was a great fight, although we sap up on the top row - we could have been it better from Boston . . ."