Barry Goldwater : "Our way of becoming engaged was rather unusual. I had pursuied her rather assidously for two years and she couldn't see anything special about Mr. Goldwater. But finally I had gone up to Muncie (her home town) for a New Year's Eve party and we were calling her mother to wish her Happy New Year and the line was busy. So I said, 'I'm running out of money and patience, you either have to fish or cut bait, are you going to marry me or not?" So she said 'yes' but promptly left a week later to go on a trip around the world with her mother.

"The night before the wedding we had a stag party in Indianapolis and we ended up swimming naked in the American Legion Monument pool. When the police came we got out in a hurry. The wedding itself was very formal and I had to buy a cutaway. I also bought a cravat from Sulka, complete with instructions on how to wear it. The only other thing I remember that happened is when I kissed my bride. All my life I've had this habit - when I kiss somebody, I always give them a pat on the bottom. Well, I did that at the wedding and Peggy's aunt - oh, she was very proper - just gave me hell.

"There is one other thing. Peggy told me she wouldn't marry me unless I gave up flying and learned how to play bridge. That was forty-three years ago and I haven't done either!"

Peggy Goldwatern : "The way he proposed - well, actually he had proposed many times before but I wouldn't answer - was that he came to Muncie and we went to a dance on New Year's Eve. I said, 'Let's go call my mother.' So we went into the phone booth and he said, 'Will you marry me because I'm running out of time and patience.' I said, 'Well, yes I will' and then we called my mother.

"I left nine days later and took a four-month trip around the world. I had letters from him in each port for every day in between. There would be little instructions written on the envelopes. They said things like 'Open this before you get out of bed,' or 'Read this before cocktails.' Sometimes he would draw little pictures . . . he was really very ardent. He used to send me flowers whenever I would arrive someplace, in fact he still does. He is very, very thoughtful.

"It's hard to remember about our wedding day, it's been so long ago. It was a beautiful wedding, though, I remember one thing. I suggested that Barry wear a cutaway and he had to buy cravat to go with it. He sent for one from Sulka and he wrote them back saying 'How in the world do you tie this?' and they sent him a detailed picture . . . and he certainly looked very handsome."