Elliot Richardson: "The wedding was held in the garden of my wife's ancestral home in Peascedale - I've always thought it was a nice name - there was a sundial between the flowerbeds, wooden chairs on the lawn in front of the flower beds and little cedar trees on the other side of the dial. My brother, who was the best man, the minister and I were standing screened behind the cedars waiting for Anne to come down the strip of lawn. I remember as we stood there that the tree of us were joking about the amount of tension tha occurs when something irrevocable is about to happen . . .

"Ann had invited her uncle and two family friends to play the violins and the piano during the ceremony and as she walked down the aisle they played Handel's 'Water Music."

"It was still and quite hot during the wedding. The rain held off until after the ceremony, when it began to pur in buckets. We were under a tent and the rain gathered in a great belly of water on top of the tent and at one point, one of these great sway-bellied accumulations of water broke down the end of the tent, drenching the people . . . but we felt like benefactors because the country was so perched.

"We took off for Spain, stopping at a small country inn in a town in Connecticut along the way. The plane left from what was then called Idlewild the next day. We had a grand time in Spain, we stopped in Paris on the way and flew to Barcelons, then drove to the beach . . . she probably told you about my dragging her around the rocks. She's complained ever since of my strong disinclination of ever coming back the way we came. That time I insisted on going around the cape rather than tracing our steps through the garden path. It was very rough going. But we made it. She's very good about doing things like that. She has the capacity for cheerfulness and humor even in situations that are otherwise distressing . . ."

Ann RIchardson: "We were married at my family's home in Peacedale, Rhode Island. The most startling incident was that a disastrous six-week drought broke during the reception. The wedding had been held in my parents' garden, but the tent for the reception collapsed because of the rain. The minister said we had brought a blessing on the land by breaking the drought! It jst poured. It must have caused a lot of trouble for my parents but the bride and groom weren't bothered - we hardly even noticed.

"A rather nice touch at the wedding was that the minister - a Unitarian from Elliot's home town of Worcester - was getting ready to retire, so he decided that since he had presided over weddings for more than forty years, he woudl try to do the whole marriage ceremony without the books. During the entire ceremony he was shaking like a leaf - I guess he was afraid he would forget his lines. He was so nervous that we weren't nervous at all!

"We had a marvelous time on our honey-moon. We spent a month in Spain, and it was then that I learned how fearless my husband is. We did a lot of climbing on the cliffs of the Costa Brava, they were very steep and I suddenly got panicked and wanted to go down on to keep going. I think that's symbolic, really. Ever since he has been stretching me in different ways to do things I would not do otherwise."