Even when your photo album is full and you have already privately published your autobiography, there is more that you can record for posterity. Omega Recording Services will record the songs you have written in the shower. Just hum the melody for them, and they will provide the producers, arrangers, musicians and engineers to tape your ditty any way you imagine it, from a plaintive folk guitar to the string section of a major symphony orchestra. It is not cheap; the orchestral version could cost $8000. But Omega will give you a free consultation to estimate the cost first, which is pretty rare in the business. And if you bring your own guitar to play the song yourself, you could record it for as little as $45.

If you already have a tape - your song, your wedding ceremony, or your children singing Happy Birthday to their grandparents - Omega will translate it to a record, editing it to eliminate unnecessary noise and to improve the voices. Costs range from $6.60 to $18 a disc, depending on playing time. They will do this twenty-four hours a day, in case you need to send a quick singing message to a friend who has no telephone or tape recorder.

Omega Recording Studio, 10518 Connecticut Ave., Kensington. Office open 10 a.m., to 5 p.m., studio open twenty-four hours a day. 946-4686.