Even with the flurry of imitators, the Cuisinart Food Processor remains unmatched as the machine to grind, chop, puree, slice and shred with the flick of a switch. But at $225, it also remains at least $100 more than its imitators, an expenditure which requires considerable justification. You can buy the Cuisinart Food Processor at substantial savings if you order the French version, called the Magimix, sent directly from London. The export price is 77.54 pounds; postage and insurance add 8.15 pounds. Duty is 8.5 per cent. Thus, with an exchange rate of $1.70 when we last checked, the total came to $156.88. But there is another bonus. THe Magimix comes with dual voltage, so you can use it with European as well as American current. And it comes with a juice extractor (for soft fruits, not citrus fruits), which even the $225 version does not have. The General Trading Company of London will accept American Express or BankAmericard, or you can send a sterling draft from a bank. You can expect the mail to take six weeks. And you can expect your friends to be duly impressed that your food processor is not only the original, but the original French original.

Magimix Food Processor. The General Trading Company, 144 Sloane St., London SWIX 9BL.