People in Prince George's County are so tuned in to the Alamo that the addition of a new combination platter to the menu becomes a widespread topic of conversation. It is easy to see why. Dining there - with a strolling guitarist weaving through the chattering crowd - is fun. Prices are low, with full - very full - combination dinners $4.25 to $6.25, and a pitcher of sangria for $3.25. At those prices you can forgive a few culinary disappointments, and with a basket of warm tostadas, you can forgive service which sometimes borders on manana. The food is tasty Tex-Mex, not hot enough to send you gasping for your water glass. Heavy dishes tend to be very heavy, so you will do best with crisp rolled taquitos with guacamole, bean-and cheese-laden nachos decorated with one tangy ring of hot pepper, and the cheese enchiladas crunchy with barely cooked onion. The mole and asado de puerco and more like stews than they should be, and the chili releno suffocates in batter. A sleeper is the garlic and egg soup. While the food wouldn't convince a Texan to settle here, it is certainly good food for the price, and meets the local Mexican competition.