This is a neighborhood restaurant with an English accent. Despite the suit of armor and half-timbered walls, it looks like a casual gathering place for the nearby offices, and in warm weather the outdoor tables become a sort of community center. The service is also neighborly. And the menu is standard American - chicken, steak, chef's salad, fried shrimp, and such - except that it also includes steak and kidney pie, mutton chops, game in season, and a daily curry special. The cock-a-leekie soup and Scotch beef and barley soup may sound exotic, but taste everday. Mutton chops, however, are very good and very large; many people come just for the mutton chops, and they are enough of a reason to come. Otherwise, the pot pies are drab, the game not as grand as the menu implies, and the rarebit is too strong. The food is, on the whole, plain, except for a Caesar salad which hits you with a double whammy of garlic and anchovy. The trifle would be fine if they layered it with something better than fruit cocktail. Gooseberry food is merely canned berries folded into whipped cream, but the cream tastes fresh, and the result is refreshing. Piccadilly certainly has its flaws, but it does all right as a neighborhood pub, and more than all right with the mutton chops.