Others tell of exquisite pastas, mussels that number among highlights of a palate's career. But the kitchen has never shown me delicate tortellini floated in a tasteless broth. My scampi came only slightly more burned than my veal. Fine ham and lovely cream sauce in the timballo did not compensate for our being served white sauce when we had ordered red. Romeo and Juliet goes to the trouble of procuring fine ingredients and rolling delicate pastas, notably the very fine green-and-white "straw and hay" with peas and prosciutto.But a frantic staff, doing a great deal of tableside finishing, can wreck a dish, overcook or burn it in one neglectful moment. If you hit them in moments of serenity, the handsome whitewashed room bathed in golden lights can make you feel royal, and the service follows suit. But they get rattled, and you can be long neglected. The captain sticks his thumb in your coffee when you complain that it is cold, and the sublety of the veal, the perfume of the custard sauce or the chocolate sauce on your dessert turn sour in your memory.Romeo and Juliet is claiming to be making some long-needed changes, such as permitting a la carte ordering at lunch, which was previously limited to $11.50 and $12.50 fixed price menus. It would be nice if they got things under control, because there are some fine cooks in the back and a lovely room in front.