Faculty recital, Selma M. Levine School of Music, Inc., 3526 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Tonight, 8 p.m. Free. 244-1246

Choosing a music teacher is usually a matter of hearsay, and taking music lessons is usually an isolated experience. But the Selma M. Levine School of Music is a different matter. Opened last September, it already has over a hundred students and twenty teachers, all of them interacting through field trips, musicales and just each other in the halls between classes. Students range from three-year-olds to adults, and study nearly every orchestral instrument. Teachers come from several sources, a third of them from theNational Symphony. It is a school for people who are serious about learning to play music, not for children whose parents are forcing them to study, because individuals programs include, besides private lessons, a theory class and an ensemble group. While private lesson cost $18 and hour, there are scholarships. And if you want to get an idea what the school is like, you can attend tonight's free faculty recital, which will consist of a Grieg piano and violin sonata, a Bach flute sonata, Vaughan Williams songs for oboe anf voice, a Beethoven trio, and refreshments afterwards.