Eichholz: You know it's been so long that I don't remember why we became friends. But I remember when I first met her.

I was a magnolia blossom right out of Louisiana when I came to Washington. We were taken to their house and introduced.

Here was this very smart lady lawyer with bobbed hair and high heels. I was floored by her. I had never seen anybody like her in my life. After I moved here we started seeing each other because our husbands worked together, and we just became very fond of each other. When I'm down or things are rough going, I can always count on Carol to bolster me. If I screamed to Carol and said, "Help, I can't stand it another minute," she'd come and shake me and put sense in my head, and see that I was all right.

Fortas: She was a young married woman when I first knew her. We both like to dance and go to parties. That started our friendship. Since I am eight years older than she is, she seemed very young to me at that point; the distance of eight years isn't as great as it was then. In some ways I supported her originally through more experiences, and since she was much more practical than I was, she supplemented my lack of practicality. I can talk to and depend on her. She gets after me to do things, which I need. She gives me good advice, sought and unsought.