Dominique d'Ermo (proprietor of guess-which-restaurant) and the banquet manager of the Hyatt Regency tried to order ice cream with bananas at the American Cafe late one night, but the waitress refused because it wasn't on the menu. In his most authoritative, French-accented voice, Dominique announced that he was Craig Claiborne of The New York Times and that he would review the restaurant very harshly if he didn't get his ice cream with bananas. The manager was called, and Dominique got his dessert. He tipped the waitress $5 and cautioned her to remember that the customer is always right. Act III was at Dominique's own restaurant, when American Cafe partner Bob Giaimo and several other restaurateurs[WORD ILLEGIBLE] Dominique's tale and Giaimo claimed that his staff had since been instructed that a customer should be served whatever he wanted. A bet ensued, the stakes rising to $20, and[WORD ILLEGIBLE] went five of them, one to guard Giaimo in the car while the others ordered ice cream with sliced tomatoes and an open-face onion sandwich, which they got. Giaimo collected his $20, which he awarded to the waiter, along with a large tips added by Dominique. "And I had to eat the onion sandwich," added Dominique. As yet, there is no word of Giaimo having ordered cervelles aux fraises at Dominique's.