Her interest in politics began in the late 1950s at a Santa Monica, California, bar. She started to play a tune on a jukebox when John F. Kennedy noticed her attractive figure and face and asked what song she intended to select.

Today Joan Lundberg Hitchcock, who says she was John Kennedy's lover until he entered the White House, is on the ballot herself. She is running for San Francisco's board of supervisors. "If Jack Knew, he'd be in shock," says Hitchcock, 44, with a broad laugh. "He really didn't think of me as a politician."

When Kennedy met her, Joan Lundberg was the mother of two children living in a low-rent California trailer court.For three years he flew her around the country to meet with him, but they finally parted because, she says, "he wanted to be President, I wanted to be rich."

They both got their wish. Her fourth husband, Peter Hitchcock, was the polo-playing heir to a San Francisco construction company fortune, and when he divorced and later died, he left his ex-wife and children well taken care of. Her eclectically furnished townhouse offers a spectacular view of San Francisco bay and has been used as a setting for several television series and, in one case, an X-rated movie called "Cry For Cindy."

One of the city's premier party-givers, Hitchcock first ran for office in a city-wide election in 1975. She lost. But this time the contest is divided into districts, and she had so many posters remaining from 1975 she's recycling them. Which means the Pacific Heights section of the city is again decorated with a Toulouse Lautrec-like drawing of Hitchcock in a long dress, champagne glass held high, above the slogan: "A Breath Of Fresh Air."