When people complain to restaurants - and they often do - they discuss the food preparation and presentation, the service, style and cleanliness, and certainly the price. It is almost as if, in polite company, one dare not mention food's basic function - to fuel the body. Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, has suggested that more attention be called to the restaurant's nutritional function. Thus he submitted the following coupon for interested diners to clip out and leave with the manager of the next place they stop in to fill up:

Dear Restaurant Manager:

I eat at your restaurant, but am concerned about the nutritional quality of the food.

How about whole grains: whole wheat bread and rolls, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc.?

Go easy on the salt. I can use the salt shaker on the table, if I want more.

Serve fresh, properly cooked (or raw) vegetables, and I will love you forever.

When was the last time you offered fresh fruit for dessert?

Cut the grease. I don't need your help in having a coronary.

I enjoy eating out, but I also enjoy eating a healthful diet. Won't you help?

P.S. I would also like to eat without cigarette smoke polluting the air.

Clip out and give or mail to a restaurant. Make as many copies as you want.