December 9, 1942

John Allen born, Washington, D.C.

1950 (date approximate)

Arrested for theft as juvenile. Committed to custody of Junior Village for fourteen months.

1954 (date approximate)

Arrested for possession of a deadly weapon as juvenile. Committed to custody of Junior Village for two years.


Arrested for rape as juvenile. Charge reduced to carnal knowledge; placed on probation.


Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Sentenced to six years under Youth Act. Served almost three years in Youth Center.

November 1963

Arrested for robbery, possession of a prohibited weapon (gun), destruction of movable property, two counts of simple assault. Convicted of misdemeanor (assault) and sentenced to four concurrent 900-day terms.

January 1964

Arrested for assault on a police officer. Found not guilty.


Served terms at Youth Center and half-way house for 1963 conviction.

November 1966

Arrested for holdup, violation of National Firearms Act, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon (shotgun), and possession of a prohibited weapon (shotgun). Convicted in July 1967, and sentenced to one five-to-fifteen-year and four three-to-nine-year terms.


Served terms in D.C. Jail and Lorton Penitentiary.

March 1969

1967 convictions overturned.

March 1970

Arrested and subsequently convicted for possession of implements of crime (narcotics paraphernalia) and possession of unregistered firearms. Sentenced to one year plus ten days per weapon, plus fine. Sentence then reduced to 220 days.

Summer 1970

Escaped from Occoquan correctional facility.

November 1970

Arrested for homicide, assault with a a deadly weapon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, carrying a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to kill, assault on a police officer, and escaping a federal institution. Convicted on last four charges. Served three years in D.C. General Hospital and D.C. Jail Hospital; then paroled.

July 1976

Arrested for violation of federal firearms laws (possession of sawed-off shotgun). Placed on probation.

March 1977

Arrested for armed robbery. Bound over for grand jury action; charges dismissed.