You may rightly wonder how a company that imports handicrafts got into the business of making computerized wrapping paper. It seems that Ramona Imports was in the midst of computerizing its accounts receivable, when Ramona's birthday arrived. Her husband had managed to buy her a gift in time, but forgot about wrapping paper until he took a good hard look at the computer. So he composed a message to print out for the wrapping. It was the wrapping that Ramona ultimately appreciated most, and she began to print out giftwrap-cum-greeting-card orders, with messages up to sixty characters in a stripe or zig-zag pattern. The price of such personalized machinework is high - $5 for the first six sheets, fifty cents for each additional sheet - since the sheets are only eleven inches by fourteen inches, the standard computer printout size. So, if you try to wrap a big gift with this stuff, the wrap may outprice the the present. But the idea is so appealing that you might start looking for gifts to fit the paper; make this a six-inch by nine-inch Christmas.

Compu Wrap. $5 for six sheets, fifty cents each additional sheet. At Talisman, 4301 Connecticut Ave. NW (in Van Ness Center). 362-5111. Also The Written Word, 1054 31St. NW (in Canal Square). 965-3810.