Former Washington writer for Rolling Stone, Joe Klein, working on the first authorized biography of Woody Guthrie . . . Phil Taubman, investigative reporter for Time here, leaves to manage the sports desk of Clay Felker's new Esquire due out February . . . California Senator S. I. Hayakawa has told staffers he won't sue Chic magazine for last month's article that made spicy allegations about his private life; publisher Larry Flynt is underwriting a book about the senator and plans to distribute it heavily in California . . . More local coverage ahead for Washington Star since the tumultuous departure of James Bellow: front office hopes local stories will increase circulation . . . At Washingtonian magazine, it's rewrite time for Dom Bonafede, author of piece comparing this town's top editors, Bellows and Ben Bradlee.

Former Washington resident John Dean plots syndicated radio commentary for group of California stations - hopes to go nationwide . . . Society press corps gnash teeth over coverage of Shah visit to Washington a couple of weeks ago: reporters had to beg State Department for invitations to glitter evenings . . . New York Times Washington bureau tough guy, Seymour Hersh, set to return to town after stint in New York while wife attended medical school . . . Bobby Baker doesn't get his Christmas wish: his book, written with Larry King, won't be out until spring or summer . . . ExWMAL-FM DJ Tommy Curtis promises comeback on radio backed by ten local pubs, show to be called "Bar Wars," or on TV with a Tom Snyder-like interview slot . . . Colleagues say Time's new London bureau chief, Bonnie Angelo of Washington, may buy permanent seat on the Concorde - her husband will remain behind in his job as press secretary to Adlai Stevenson.