This is the time of year when high school seniors will be trying to decide on which colleges they would like to attend. One way of narrowing the choices down to a manageable number is to attend one or more of the many "College Nights" where school representatives are available to answer questions about their institutions. Although a good deal of information can be gotten by simply scooping up whatever printed material is available - this should be done in any case - a few minutes of pre-planned questioning of a recruiter should quickly tell you whether his school gets a "pass" or "fail" in your book.

Listed below are some sample questions, which can be expanded to suit your particular needs:

What are the admission requirements? Is there a cut-off for grade averages or SAT scores? Are there special admission policies for minorities or other groups?

What is the deadline for applications, and when will the results be sent out?

What types of financial aid are available? Are academic scholarships given without regard to need? What are typical expenses for tuition, room, books, etc.?

Do they offer a major in your area of interest? Is there an extensive list of courses in that area? What are the degree requirements? Are there work-study, internship or exchange programs?