Elizabeth Taylor Warner assured us she would stay married for life to John Warner, the most visible non-candidate in recent Virginia history. A Republican fund-raiser at the Warner estate in Middleburg was packed with ogling ticket-holders, and the lady of the house took a licking in the national press for gaining pounds on the political chicken-dinner circuit.

At age 25, Jack Ford earns what Dad earned when he left Congress ($42,500 annually). The young Ford is assistant publisher of Jann Wenner's new magazine, Outside. Advertisers reportedly love to meet with him so he spends almost as much time traveling as he does in his Santa Monica, California, apartment. For sister Susan, it's a television show with Jim Nabors.

Dave Kopay hit the book-buying public just right with a bestseller about life as a gay professional football player. Next: a book on the reaction to that book.

After years of working as an actor on the dinner theater circuit, 1950s heartthrob Tab Hunter hit it big again in Hollywood, when Norman Lear put him back on television. Which means the horsey set in Virginia sees lees of him than ever.

Two people you never heard of until last year to watch in 1978: the President's secretary, Susan Clough, and the ex-CIA analyst who ended his Agency days with a bang instead of a whimper: Frank Snepp, author of the book about America's clumsy departure from Vietnam.