Most jewelry stores have at least a few new pocket watches in stock. Antique shops often offer old watches, though they may not run. If you want a working antique pocket watch, seek out the jewelry stores that specialize in old jewels.

Shaw and Dussinger, at 1613 I Street NW, carries a good assortment of both new and antique pocket wathces, most in the $400 and above price range. Galt & Bro., 607 13th Street NW, carries a limited and very exclusive variety of pocket watches, the $1250 Patek Philippe being typical. Pampillonia, 1213 Connecticut Avenue NW, has fewer than a dozen models, but all are solid gold, ranging from $450 to $950. Black Star and Frost in White Flint shopping center have about as many models, at similar prices.

Chain-store jewelers, such as Kay Jewelers with ten stores in Maryland and Virginia shopping centers, Bailey, Banks and Biddle, with four area stores, and Melart, with eight, are good places to pick up inexpensive pocket watches. Basically, you get what you pay for, and if you pay $50 for a pocket timepiece it may not live to become a family heirloom, and it almost certainly won't be solid gold. Also, the less expensive watches tend to be gaudier, many employing a variety of colors to make them stand out.

Old or antique pocket watches are available at the Tiny Jewel Box, 1143 Connecticut Avenue NW, with perhaps the largest assortment in Washington - a recent count put the selection at nearly 100 different watches. Dettmer's, 2200 Wisconsin Avenue NW, has a fair variety. Georgetown Jewel Gallery, 1265 Wisconsin Avenue NW, carries some thirty different watches. The Jewel Boutique, 1250 Wisconsin Avenue NW, tries to limit its stock to hunting case watches. Boone and Sons, with stores at 1730 K Street NW and 5530 Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, carries about thirty new and antique pocket watches on the average.

Although a good secondhand or antique pocket watch can cost as little as $50, most old timepieces at these stores average $100 and $300.

There are pocket watches sold in department stores, secondhand stores, and little out-of-the-way country antique stores. Some pieces are even sold in dime stores and drug stores. What all this means, of course, is that they are gaining rapidly in popularity, and today there's a watch priced to fit just about any pocket.