Historians say Cleopatra tucked them into her bodice, pre-asp days, when she was more interested in leaving a perfumed trail along the Nile. If Mark Antony had just given her one of Sachets Unlimited heart-shaped, lace-trimmed, red satin sachets for Valentine's Day, everything would probably have turned out all right. Guaranteed to suit any prices, they can be used to tuck into drawers and closets, left on a night table, hung above a baby's changing table or anywhere you want environmental good scents. For pleading special cases, there is the heart-shaped double locket sachet with satin ties that open to reveal the age-old message "be mine" or the ribbon-wrapped basket of three small sachets to scatter wherever you want to put on lovely airs. All are filled with perfumed oils which last longer than the old flowers and spices variety. Peach Blossom, Mimosa, Bayberry, Strawberry, Bitter Almond and the exotic oriental aroma of Ylang Ylang oil will make love's memories linger longer, up to a year says Sachets Unlimited, just in time for next Valentine's Day.

Sachets Unlimited. $5 to $8 at Garfinckel's, all stores, Hortensia in Foxhall Square and White Flint Mall.