This was the cost of putting Francesco Scavullo's portrait of a demure Miss Elizabeth Ray on the February Washingtonian cover: $1000 for Scavullo's time behind the camera, $250 modeling fee to Ray and $1000 for hair and make-up . . . GM heir Stewart Mott says rumors he'd like to purchase Washington Star are ridiculous: "I couldn't afford it and I wouldn't be interested." Mott says newsroom speculation was news to him . . . Panorama producer Olita Crawford - brought from New York a year and a half ago and made chief five months ago - to be joined in Washington this spring by her husband, retiring NEA editorial cartoonist Bill Crawford.

At least ten Washington Star editorial employees checked out last month, many taking advantage of management offer of severance for voluntary departure. Louise Lague, half of original "Ear" duo, fills senior editor slot at US magazine, taking husband-reporter Ned Scharff along as a free-lancer: David Braaten, Phillip Kadis, Earl Byrd, several other reporters and desk editors also exit. Not leaving for LA Herald-Examiner after some negotiation: sports columnist David Israel . . . Abigail "Circles" McCarthy begins work on another Washington novel . . . At National Public Radio, black African-specialist Charlie Cobb continues waiting permission to report from South Africa. Despite exchange of letters and buck-passing phone calls, embassy gives neither yes nor no.