You need not be Cinderella to own a pair of custom-made shoes. Charlotte Gottlieb makes unisex leather shoes completely by hand for those who want to pamper their feet even if they are not waiting for a prince or princess. These are shoes made from scratch, beginning with a plaster mold of your foot to the finished product with one-piece sole, small heel lifts and side lace ties. Because these shoes are made to conform to the foot and not vice versa, they do not follow fashion's fancies of narrow toes and soaring heels, but instead have a sturdy, natural, oval shape. Gottlieb will make a two-buckle, sandal style ($165), a hiking boot with a special sole for gripping ($190) and a classic oxford ($150). And, although she says her shoes have been worn with a wedding dress, this is not basic footwear for tripping the light fantastic, but they could be the height of comfort for long hours of standing, hiking, sightseeing ot just walking - be it up hills, on flat sidewalks or down cobblestone streets. "You could walk over nails and not feel anything," says Gottlieb. That may be because the soles are cushioned with commpressed layers of Turkish toweling. Rather unconventional, but then, sometimes comfort is. Charlotte Gottlieb Professional Shoe Service. 3812 Northampton St. NW. 244-2111. Debra Star