Breakfast Monday through Saturday, 7 to 10:30 a.m. No credit cards. Right away, as soon as you enter Sholl's cafeterias, you know you are somewhere special. Or, if you don't know right away, they tell you, on a little green flyer that: 1) announces this week's special; 2) offers a prayer; 3) astounds you with a series of facts ("Our pies are baked twice daily in our cafeterias") culminating in the news that an egg any style is still twenty cents. Anticipation readily turns to greed as you move along the ranks of juices (twenty cents), sectioned oranges, grapefruits, prunes, fruits of every persuasion, to the eggs being whisked off the grill and out of the poaching pans onto a line of plates. There are grits and delicious crispy homefries, bacon and sausages and creamed chipped beef a winner on all counts, including its fifty-cent price. Corned beef hash sizzles on the grill. Hot cereal sends out steam signals. On to the breads, the choices running to fruited muffins, bagels, coffee cakes, truly flaky biscuits, working up to baked apples before the coffee - excellent coffee, always freshly brewed. Take your tray to a sunny window table, soothed by soft green walls and grandmotherly waitresses bustling around to keep things clean and orderly. Occupy yourself with the challenge of figuring how much you would have to eat to spend more than $2.